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Who can participate?

The National Pig Improvement Program (NPIP) is open to all herds in Australia provided they have genetic links with existing herds. Like national programs in other countries, genetic evaluation is restricted to purebred herds, although there is no requirement to register animals for herd book registration.

How much does it cost?

Please contact Susanne Hermesch at AGBU for details. Susanne's contact details are:
Phone02 6773 3787
Fax02 6773 3266
Mobile0408 434 457

To partipipate, what do I need?

Participating herds must supply data in electronic format in a separate file for each breed. All data files are submitted via email, which triggers the analysis to start automatically. Results are returned via email to the breeder and the web pages are updated after each genetic evaluation.

The data format used is PIGBLUP version 1.0 which is produced by many herd recording packages such as PIGMANIA, MIPS, EASICARE, HERMAN and TAPS. Other data formats may be considered on request. The basic pedigree records, production records and reproduction records required are listed below.

Pedigree records

Production records

Reproduction records

What information do I get back?

Participating herds get updated information within 12 hours of sending data by email on the following: